Cloud Computing – Is this the way to go?

So what is cloud computing and should you be using it for your next web development project of web app?

Cloud Computing   Is this the way to go?Basically cloud computing is a network of computers connected to the internet to provide a service.  In reality what this means, is that things that you might have previously done on a local computer you can do on this network of computers “in the cloud”.  The use of cloud computing includes basic things like email, has progressed to online document editing, management and sharing (word processors, spread sheets etc) and progresses all the way upto offloading massive amounts of computational power for research.  There are lots of advantages of the cloud and also some perceived disadvantages.


Advantages of Cloud Computing

1. Access from anywhere

2. High availability – services normally setup as fully redundant with multiple access points and duplication of data.

3. High data resilience and security – multiple copies are usually kept in multiple secure data centres

4. Scalability – you can normally increase storage and computational power instantly.


Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

1. It is sometime perceived as more expensive than running a system locally.  This perhaps was the case a few years ago, but as this becomes more main stream, and if you are looking to set up the resilience and availability you get with the cloud, a traditional setup will probably cost you more.

2. Cloud computing – somtimes perceived as slower.  This can be the case if you don’t choose the right partner.


Where can I get it from:

There are lots of providers.  A good bet is Cloud computing.  Another option is Amazon Web Services or AWS.


So should I use it for my web development or web app?

We have had great experience of using the cloud for web apps.  Talk to us about we have implemented cloud services for clients and have helped them scale very rapidly.

Cloud Computing   Is this the way to go?
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