Web Design If you want to build an online store, otherwise known as an ecommerce website then you have come to the right place, as this one of our strong areas.

People often think it is prohibitively expensive but with Ino Web Design as we have done this many times before we have already written a lot of the code required and can utilise open source tools so that we can put your shop on the web for much less than you may think.  As we are UK based, we understand the UK market intimately.  We can provide the whole solution for you, designed for secure servers and integrated into your payment gateway.

The following is included with every ecommerce web design:

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  • Modern Web 2.0 look, with fast loading content
  • Fully robust and secure shopping cart and payment gateway
  • Review progress of the site as it develops in our developer area.
  • Edit and add products and prices to your website yourself.
  • All sites are optimised on page for SEO (search engine optimisation) so that your products can be found through google.
  • Stunning images available from stock photography.
  • Site map to allow visitors to navigate their way around the site with ease.
  • Easy to use navigation menu.
  • We will upload your site to your web servers when you are ready to launch, or if you don't have a webs server we can help with that as well.
  • Complete peace of mind as we offer a two week evaluation and testing period after launch where minor changes are free.
  • We are always available for ongoing site modifications or maintenance should you require it.

Let us help you increase your revenues by selling on the web.

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